Start From Where You Are Seminar
Florida Atlantic University
@ 6:30pm
Boca Raton, FL

Ken will be at FAU holding an introductory seminar from his upcoming book, Start From Where You Are. This event will be held at the Sean Stein Pavillion.

Appearing on the Born B4 64 Television Show
Cincinnati, OH

Kathryn Raaker features Ken on the TELOS network television show, Born B4 64.

“Find the Millionaire in Your Mirror” Pro-group Seminar
Cincinnati, OH

Learn how to find the millionaire in your mirror with Ken’s keys to success.

Chamber Event: “Israel and the Media in the Age of Boycotts and Divestments”
Boca Raton, FL

Ken is hosting and speaking at this networking event where three Israeli speakers will discuss current issues.

Invitation Only - Closed Event