Today I witnessed the total luxury that the wealthy enjoy. It sure is better to have than to have how can you become a "have"? At the Concourse d'Elegance, People's Choice automobile show with Jay Leno, there were the best of the best in classic cars. A classic crowd of aristocratic and those who have loved their vehicles since their youth, which is reflected by the cars they own and care for. So how did they get there?

Sure, some of these fine automobile owners come from families with great wealth, and they will always be at the center of the antique and collectables world. Holding their events at places like the five star Boca Hotel, these wealthy people all have stories to tell about how they acquired their wealth through setting and achieving very difficult goals.

With the exception of the trust fund babies, the corporate owners and the damn lucky lottery winners, the owners of these cars have worked hard and believed in their own dreams. They studied their crafts and spent years perfecting their skills while always wanting to achieve some lofty personal goals. How would you get there?

Does it seem impossible for you to suddenly wake up with a great idea and the commitment to follow your dream? It is more realistic that you have been dreaming the same dream for a long time and have never put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for yourself. There is no one who cannot become the best in their chosen field. If you have a hobby that consumes you, then you should make a career out of some aspect of that hobby if you really want to be happy.

If your job is your passion and you think that society and corporate pressures will never let you have a chance, then you don't have what it takes to do what media mogul Ted Turner said, "you have to dream big dreams." If you like cars like the people at this event did and you don't have much money, then it seems impossible. But it is not impossible for you as a car enthusiast to make a career out of your passion.

Find an aspect of your hobby or career where there is a problem that annoys you. Then, solve the problem and start on your way to a new future. One woman started an Internet business for classic car memorabilia that she had sourced online. She made a simple business from a passion for her particular hobby. How much fun do you think she is having now, as she has a booth in the shows and travels the country with others who love classic cars as well?

Perhaps she does not inspire you - then who will? This is exactly what you need to do. Do what you love and love what you do. Your passion and hard work will point you in the direction of your ultimate dream, happiness and prosperity, just like the fortune cookie said.