The lack of jobs and crash of the housing market have left an entire country looking for ways to pay its bills and make a living. With the availability of the Internet, this powerful tool has helped to make ordinary people into entrepreneurs. Forced to find new sources of income, Americans are weighing their options and starting businesses at an unbelievable rate. Rather than being hardcore entrepreneurs, these are people surviving financial crisis and potential foreclosures.

Start From Where You Are is an attempt to guide you, the reader, to a place that will help you reach your personal goals, both financially and emotionally. Learn how to take your current situation and turn it into a success. Follow your heart and learn how to create a business in fun and simple goal-setting exercises and examples.

You are the hero in this book and you will be given the clues to making your life an exciting and fulfilling one that brings you joy and happiness. If you think this sounds too difficult, then you do not believe in yourself and your ability. Regardless of where you have been in the past, you can now find yourself where you are.

The included "1-2-3's of Short-Term Goals" worksheet will be completed throughout the course of reading this book. I have given you an easy-to-understand and even easier to follow basic plan for creating your own personal business plan. Keep it simple - you will face difficulties and dangers along the way. If you are true to yourself and honest about what you want and what is really important to you, your chances of success will be greatly improved.

If you assume the role of hero and muster your brains, heart and courage, you can start from where you are and follow a road to success that is just for you, your personal yellow brick road. Others may try to guide you off of your path, but you can follow the instructions in this book and overcome all obstacles. You can learn to think like an entrepreneur and like a person who is really interested in finding happiness.